Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What do you love?

I asked someone this question about 10 years ago. I knew immediately this was the one unanswerable question that was needed at that point when I saw the reaction. I got a different unanswerable question in return later and could only shake my head, no verbal reply or explanation possible.

Recently after a funeral I had a long chat, all afternoon actually, with my brother and someone I have known since about 1998. My question to her was: Do you love? Are you loved? Then I tried to take some lovely photos of her and made a hash of it! We talked in a cafe, in the street, in another cafe, more street...

Burial "Raver" Strange, but I like it.


Post from my undealt-with-draft-file series. There are 87 drafts, so this series may last me until the internet changes its spots.

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