Thursday, 31 July 2014

Remote cafe visit with my mother

I called her while I was walking along the street
She agreed to chat a few minutes later once I'd found my cafe
So I found a table in the sunshine and we talked until my credit ran out

This 3 line business is getting wearing. There's something a bit false and prissy about it. We talked about this and that. I wasn't too sure about one of the stories she told me, but had no evidence at all to decide that it was a mis-remembering. Just because I had never heard that particular story doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Apparently she had taken a taxi with me at 2/3 days old, to get home from hospital. The house had been cold and empty because my father was still driving my grandmother all the way North to Lancashire from London. I can't believe he drove all the way there and back. That's crazy. But who knows, maybe that is what happened? March up there must have been perishing. How did they survive?

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