Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Car wash - Andrew Motion - This Room of Waiting - Milestone

Car wash

We piled into the back of T's car to help him with the process of going through the car wash for the first time. We had such a good time. Took photos, video, made a lot of noise, wondered if his aerial survived. All good.

Andrew Motion

A group of us went to sit in the front row and listen to a reading and explanation of his life. I can't put into words how seeing a person stand or sit there and speak alters the silent words on a page. Before I encountered poets reading out their own work and speaking a bit before and afterwards I had no idea about this reality which comes across so strongly.

I had been used to the facade people presented in my school, university and work life, not to mention family life until recently. It seemed to me that reality was a carefully hidden concept, to be teased out via special insights and articles in books I could never find. Now I see that reality is right there, shouting, waving its arms around. Just stop wishing things were different or should be some other way, and open your eyes.

Edinburgh/This Room of Waiting

My parents have been busy with the Queen's Garden Party at Holyrood and Gareeb Iskander, who took part in an Exiled Writers Ink reading recently in Oxford, has been busy with a book launch there too.

It is This Room of Waiting and has several reviews already. It is a bilingual edition so would be suitable for anyone studying on their own or who has a small study group to work on the Arabic together.

You can see that I am trying my best to create a study group. In my village or Didcot would be best. It hasn't come together yet, but I am always optimistic. I already have too many books to read over the summer, so I might delay getting the book until it is time to get a Christmas present for myself.

Another huge milestone

I had bought steak for supper. Since my head is not quite right I asked T if he'd be able to make some for me. He did! So he kindly brought me steak and chips, even with lettuce and a knife and fork. It was so delicious, manna from heaven. I have thanked him a couple of times, but it's not enough to explain how cared for I am.

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