Monday, 30 June 2014

Passenger - 'Morning Song' Sylvia Plath


I told T how proud I was to be sitting as a passenger in his car. We were driving off to get his second tank of petrol. I gazed at the clouds. Not quick glances, but real long idle stares as it wasn't dark. I didn't check the junctions. I thought I should be paying more attention to the possible surprises which I always get when I am driving. Hedgehogs, cats, new potholes and oddly parked cars all come out when I'm driving.

Love set you going like a fat gold watch - 'Morning Song'

Earlier I had a second session on Sylvia Plath with my Sunday poetry group. A poem I had thought to end with turned out to be unsettling. I still love it, but between us we found so much more in it than I had seen by myself. We share our own thoughts, but get so much further and so much faster by sharing them in a group. I can't imagine it working with more than 3 people though.

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