Sunday, 22 June 2014

London - 1 - One Love - U2

On the fast midnight drive back I realised that the pronounciation of Umm Kulthum I have been used to is in fact the Palestinian version: 't' instead of 'th'. I am joining the dots one at a time, while thinking about something else entirely along the M4. Well, not thinking at all, just listening to my music on my own. Enjoying the sensation of whizzing across my country, curve by curve, red light by red light.

I was sung to on the South Bank. Eventually the song had to end so I gave £2 and asked the man if anyone sang to him, because it was so lovely. He sang another song specially for me, so I stood there for longer in the midsummer day sunshine, being sung to in front of the whole of London. I wondered if this were my destiny? Well, it was for those moments.

One Love - U2

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