Wednesday, 18 June 2014

If you *had* to learn something new, what would it be? - Films - Elia Suleiman

I was out at a party this evening. We asked each other this question. One person wanted to learn to play the piano and I confessed to wanting a structured group working on taking photos. Then I realised I adore watching film of people talking about their passions. So learning to make short films would be wonderful.

A few weeks ago H and I filmed each other being ourselves in the kitchen late at night. It runs for 10 minutes and is exactly what goes on. I am washing up and half listening to him, then he says something which gets my attention and I immediately pay close attention! Then he sits leaning right back at the table and we chat idly for a while. It's such a lovely glimpse of something which is normally transitory, beyond precious and never captured.

The film I have been watching has a long interview with the director Elia Suleiman. I have watched it twice now. I am fascinated with being able to just gaze at a person sharing their love for what they do and sharing their thinking. By searching for good links I have found out about his latest film 'The Time That Remains' and have ordered it.

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