Friday, 27 June 2014

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone

This was sung to me in London as well:

My heart is not having a good time though. Last night I got pain in my teeth and jaw, then more of this wierd feeling on the front of my neck and upper chest. Then it included my left chest too. Very odd and unsettling. Will the medics give it a name or treat me like an idiot and tell me it is heartburn?

One of my 3 poetry groups is messing with my heart in a different way. One poem someone wrote and posted was so beautiful I could die with longing for what she knows.

I can console myself with the thought that there are many things I have experienced which may never be given to others. That isn't consolation though, more awareness, and can only be helpful if it leads to acceptance and appreciation for what -is- in each of our lives.

Is that the first roar of the combine harvesters? It is only June?

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