Sunday, 4 May 2014

MOMA Oxford - Charlie Cunningham - Biodanza - أم كلثوم - بعيد عنك

I have a friend who is happy to go to an opening of an exhibition one night and a dance afternoon the next day. How lucky am I?

There was a beautiful singer with his guitar down in the basement, if only someone had drawn a chalk circle for dancers we could have been part of that. Why does everyone stand still?? What a great venue for dancing that would make.

Charlie Cunningham:

Dancing is on my lovely it is to dance with older people, they are so into it, so relaxed and joyful, so appreciative and knowledgeable.

U2 - Magnificent

أم كلثوم - بعيد عنك - Umm Kulthum - Far from you - The words...

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