Monday, 7 April 2014

Reading a text and sharing our own reaction to it

Josephine Corcoran has written about exactly this today on her blog: how-about-reading-workshops-as-well-as-writing-workshops

We are doing this on the closed 52 group to a certain extent: fiftytwopoetry

A ModPo colleague is going through the Pushcart collection using a small group of us as sources for her blog posts on the poems she chooses: playing-with-words

What can I suggest? Find a friend, a welcoming pub and a phone with a timer to ensure you each speak for the same length of time. Just get on with it and get to share what you want with whoever you want.

I think I will try this out on my parents when I am next in London. The introductory discussion will be interesting, trying to explain what I mean and then finding out what they would like to experiment with.

Given that my father used to read out Saki to us and we once had a series of Lent somethings sitting on their bed, they should be ok about it.

My monthly poetry discussion group at the Fleur has accelerated to once a week. That was this evening's decision. Wow. Apparently I'm about to be taken through The Wasteland.

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