Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bonfire after dark - Chatting - The Waste Land


H and T came out with me to light a bonfire. We had to go on a bit of a search to buy the marshmallows first.

H arranged the bricks and other things to make a fireplace. I added the firelighters, kindling and 2 logs.

We snapped off dry twigs from the surviving eucalyptus tree to roast the marshmallows with.

The builders have left their chairs in a circle around the garden table. We borrowed those, but carefully left the cardboard cushions they have made for themselves, one for each chair!


T and I wound up laughing about Amazon o'clock, that moment when you decide to buy lovely books online. For me it is 11pm, for him it is on the train journeys back and forth to see his girlfriend. We did chuckle at our predictable weaknesses.

The Waste Land

How can anyone think of studying this in just 2 hours? Our poetry group did. We got half way through, then started talking about personal stuff, so that was the end of T S Eliot until our next meeting.

We had been reading sections out loud in turn, then had plenty of 2 minute sessions to speak without the other person interrupting.

I had the section about the Tarot cards and found it an amazing piece to read out, I was reading in an unearthly way with unexpected pacing. I appreciated that the most from this evening's work.

Lines 43 to 59 from the first section The Burial of the Dead. Text here.

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