Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blind Photography - Collecting Vocab

Blind Photography

Not as pointless as one might expect...I took a series of photos of the kitchen from one spot, but with my eyes shut. They weren't nearly as bad as I had expected. There is a surprising quality about them.

H helped by putting himself in as many of them as possible! So I have a variety of checked shirts, some with his smile and some without. It was funny hearing him rushing around without knowing what he was up to.

A friend of mine had an art workshop and this idea came out of one of the exercises I did.

Collecting Vocab

Where ever I go I come back with a couple of new Arabic words to add to my stack. This time I found some at the Quaker Meeting in a newsletter.

Bustan بستان A garden with vines, fruit trees and aromatic herbs. I have a vine, a pear tree and mint, not all in one place though. Also an orchard or kitchen garden.

The other one is in my handbag probably...

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