Sunday, 30 March 2014

I am up to three exchanges in a conversation / Mother's Day Poem / Emotional


Well, 2 in real life.

Masa alkhayr
Masa anur
Jadida, (This is my new piece of conversation, one word!)(and I misheard it, it should be: sa'ida..)
wa anti/ anta? (I am guessing I could come up with this on a good day)
They then say how happy/rotten they are feeling and I look totally blank!

So that was a good result from going out to a poetry thing on Thursday. I also found out how to pronounce someone's name, from them. So that's bound to be correct. Mind you it's probably the UK pronunciation, which is bound to be different from the Arabic. Those cultural misunderstandings multiply like smiles during a friendly conversation... The further you get, the less you know and the more you put your foot in it.

Mother's Day poem

"poem after the death of dad's girlfriend" vittoria repetto

The woman in question is the father's lover, who is dead. What a beautiful way of expressing his love for his father and describing the massive bonus her presence gave to their lives.


I think people get much more emotional as they get older, almost porous.

I went to visit my grieving neighbour. He was happily watching the racing on tv by then, so I was the one who wound up weeping into the flowerbeds as I did some weeding for him. I will probably tell him when I visit next week, then we can both go wobbly together about our different losses. Mine isn't nearly as bad as his, but it's still 'a thing' as T says.


Do You Realise (you have the most beautiful face) - by The Flaming Lips

When I asked T about this he told me they have made the most albums of any band he has known. H just smiled and said "Why thank you" when I mentioned the name of the song!! 

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