Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I might or might not start another poetry series. I'm thinking about the name.

"This is what I can't tell you"

"This is what I remember"

"One evening this happened"

"I don't want to write this, but"


"This is why I didn't come to London for that family party"

"What the (different) hell?!"

"What fresh hell is this?!"

"When I said I was fine, what I could have said was.."

"If you'd listened and waited, then listened some more, I might, just might have told you that.."

"Even now I don't want to look back and write about this"

"I worry I might forget what happened, even though I have spent 5 years not talking about it to anyone, apart from short glimpses, more to silence and stun the other person, shut them up"

"When I have talked about this to professionals in the past the other person would give me 'the look', the one that says 'I am out of my depth. I am scared. I can't hear what this mother is starting to tell me.'"

A different set of Umm Kulthum songs, more delicate, more beautiful. The first set are no longer available on YouTube.

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