Monday, 3 February 2014

17 is on the horizon, and 50 is looming

Next winter H will be 17. As the law stands this means he will no longer be officially home educated and the Local Authority will no longer have him on their books. I am wondering what happens to home educating younger humans as they go towards the late teens. At what point do they and the parents stop using the term home educated? Where will this leave my status in the world? How will I describe myself then? Will we still pass our days splitting hairs and playing endless variations on Monopoly? Will we feel free? What will H be passionate about? Who will he be friends with?

In just under 2 months I shall turn 50. Khamseen Jahre alt. J'aurais fifty ans. It feels confusing. Normally I cut my hair very short at each decade. Each time it has been a mistake, but irresistible nevertheless. Maybe I will lose my moorings very slightly. From the content of this post it is too late to ask that question, I am already under way, motoring before I raise the sails, switch the engine off and proceed on the wind alone. No longer wallowing, but heeling a little from the wind.

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