Thursday, 23 January 2014

Beautiful honesty

For a while now I have tried to treat what people do and say as a gift of their true selves. Even though I may deeply dislike what they do or say, it comes from them without any disguise. That is in one sense a beautiful thing. It is what it is and I do not have to try to understand what they really mean. No more second guessing or trying to make it work or fixing it.

Let things happen, let others behave in this way or that way. See what exactly is happening. For someone used to seeing the good side of life this is quite a step.

I'm also trying to not step in and cover up for what other people do. That is hard, but I need to learn to let things not work out. In this way other projects can arise. Not tidying up after others is a first step in this direction. I can do it when I wish to, not all the time as a duty.

It means I can stop taking part in an activity without giving explanations. I can just move on, taking the benefits already gained without any obligation to keep on being present.

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