Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our crib has a disco ball

H has been the one who is asking for me to get the decorations out at midnight or later, so it has taken a few days to have the discussion during the day. We took box after box of stuff down from the attic. We plopped it all down in the middle of the drawing room floor.

I feel totally unChristmassy this year, most unlike me. So I sat in a chair and watched H choose and decide. It's amazing to see someone else do the fossicking around to pick the right coloured baubles and have that intent look as they carefully hang the things around the tree.

Finally H gave me the crib and asked me to do that, so I perked up. It is the bit I like the best, romantic version of a pretty awkward situation. I'd be in divorce mode at travelling for a stupid census. I sorted out my kings, incorporated some totally unmatching animal life into the scene too, and finished it off with adding a green sparkly disco ball inside the stable. If I were Mary, I'd be entranced/marginally less angry at seeing that personal touch!

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