Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My 'What the hell!?' series is going along quickly

I am surprised by how many thoughts I have are exactly right for setting down in some way in my small book. It is also surprisingly upsetting. One leads on to another one. I didn't expect so many variations of shock, horror, sadness, anger, and plain fury. Will I burst into tears in the street? I have in the far and distant past, so I know it is entirely possible.

Last year I considered doing what I am doing now. It is turning out differently though and I am not tackling the topics I referred to in that post. They need to stay in their box for now. I don't even dream about them. I know they are in the past and can stay there for as long as necessary.

Go for it if you are considering writing some poems. Store (hide) them where only a fellow writer would look for them...

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