Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Christmas present to readers:

1. Take a walk around Kettles Yard in Cambridge and around the beautiful words:

2. Take some inspirations from my 'New Things I Love 2013' Christmas card sheet:

New Things I Love - 2013

..Under Albany - Ron Silliman
..Setting up my grandfather's chair and my current reading to make a quiet corner 
..Day of Prayer at East Hagbourne Church - in spite of my questioning ways
..J and S's wedding
..Listening to the Proms all summer, reading and surfing at the same time, realising which orchestra I prefer - BBC National Orchestra of Wales
..Going to the OxArch open sessions run at the Ashmolean - old axe heads and flints
..Holding our own 2500? year old flint hand tool from the garden flower bed
..Joining in Ks writing group
..Saying hallo to the Gandhi Summer School group at the Abbey Sutton Courtenay
..Visiting B's community weekend at Brazier's Park
..C's architectural bonfire at Brazier's Park
..Having D and P plus family to stay - fun full house
..Getting to Wallingford Bunk Fest for the first time ever - I love being outdoors
.."Get Out" from the film score of "Leaving Las Vegas", sung by Maggie Nichols, search for "Mike Figgis - Get Out" on Google
.."Falile Se Kastelanke" song, last heard when I was 7, by Ansambl Dalmacija, ignore the corny video on YouTube though!
..Reading my own blog posts for fun!
...Writing 3 A4 pages each day as part of the Artist's Way
..Gertrude Stein - Would He Like It If I Told Him - live recording
..Being in the chorus for the village production of  'Joseph'
..Staying in a hotel round the corner from A and I's - then breakfast with them
..Trying out the new 24 buses in London - going down the back stairs like old times
..Getting back into the village pub singing group - I never knew I'd love belting out Paranoid by Black Sabbath! The 6 guitarists enjoy playing with each other so much.
..Visiting the London Library again after a very long time - walking inside the stacks
..Darting into MOMA Oxford before my Arabic class - all that space and whiteness
..Getting my Certificate of Completion for the ModPo class - I worked so hard for it
Christmas Project: pick an older relative and do a written portrait of them on an A4 sheet of paper. 

Send to me for an exhibition here if you wish to share. I have done mine already, a series of questions addressed to my grandfather's grandmother. They say more about me than about her, but that's ok. It's a sort of conversation.
Open Invitation to everyone: please consider joining ModPo this coming September 2014. 

It is a 10 week online course on Modern and Contemporary American Poetry run by Prof Al Filreis of the Kelly Writers House, part of the University of Pennsylvania. It had 37,000 people taking part at various intensities this year. Roughly half come from outside the USA and many have English as a second language. It is inspiring.

I wish you a Joyful Christmas and a Wonderful New Year

Срећан Божић = Strechan Bosich = Happy Christmas in Serbian

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  1. I have just taken out all the real names...sorry about that. I try not to identify people I know.


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