Sunday, 13 October 2013

ModPo - I am wondering how it will change

The class finishes on 18th November. I wonder how the discussions will continue on the forums. Will we continue to focus on each poet and be able to add new threads to widen those discussions?

Last year the built up volume of discussion was deleted the day before this year's ModPo started, so I assume the same thing might happen again.

I have read that the videos and sound links will stay live right until ModPo starts again next year too. If I go to Breakfast 2.2, the second timers' conversation, I might find out a bit more.

By the way, to anyone reading this, do consider joining the course while it's still possible to do so, then you'll have free access to the syllabus and discussion forums for a good few months of study in your own time. How good is that?


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