Saturday, 10 August 2013

Just listening to someone's voice

I am preparing for the online poetry course by coursera which starts in September. It is called ModPo and not surprisingly is all about Modern American Poetry.

My ears are very unattune to American accents. I thought I had lived my whole life with all the different varieties of American language, Nixon on the radio to Obama and Jay Carney.

I find I really need to see the words in front of me, but they are not there. All I can do is shut my eyes so that all of my brain is trying to follow the words. When it is unfamiliar poetry the result is that I'm simply experiencing the sound of the poet's voice as he or she speaks her soul to a room in a live performance. I miss so many words that I can't get the meaning at all!

John Ashbery audio clips on PennSound


  1. First I would like to thank you for the comment you left on my World Class post and to thank you for linking to that post on your blog. It has been awhile since I read that.

    I sometimes find myself wishing I could spend more time with my poetry but I know that will come in time.

    I really hope you enjoy your poetry study and that you find the satisfaction you seek in your appreciation of poetry.

    Again, many thanks.


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