Saturday, 20 July 2013

'I always love the moment you appear,
sudden and entire, where just a second
ago was air. There is a charge. Eyes, hair.
Something moves around you. So
it was last night, in the Festival Hall bar:
I looked straight from a woman who sees the world
blue, to you. Where was, where just had been,
no you at all. Then a momentary mirage
and colouration turning to solid; you smile,
most real person in the hall.'

From 'The Best Scarf in London: a Picaresque'
By Katy Evans-Bush
In the collection 'Egg Printing Explained'
Published by Salt in 2011

I also loved

'Thibault's Ribbon' ' His tail fans out along the speckled pebbles, smoothing them as it goes: does it feel the pebbles, or do they feel it?'


'Portrait of Ida' 'watching her husband, the painter, paint her.'

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