Saturday, 27 July 2013

Flying Ants Day

There are 2 elements of summer going on in our village today: it is flying ants day and spread manure on the fields day.

Wow, they have some strong manure this time. For the past few days it has been over by the next town, Wallingford, and I'd been feeling smug that we didn't have it round here, then I realised what had happened when I woke up today.

My mother in law saw the flying ants by our back door this morning and decided to kill them all for us. I can't see what the problem is as all they want to do is fly off and mate mid air or something. That really doesn't upset my housekeeping plans. So I have been pouring water over my back door fern and parsley to make sure they don't die after their big dose of pesticide.

I am feeling particularly saintly as I have not caused an argument over this and far worse things are happening in Egypt... Shall I write some letters for Amnesty Egypt?

In other news, we had a lot of rain, which created puddles I haven't seen before, flowing across a road in Wallingford and also filling some pot holes left over from the winter. It's a good thing I know where they all are and it wasn't dark either.

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