Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Saving a life

A bee was in a bad way on our drawing room floor. It moved a bit when I touched it. I opened the door to the garden, so I could carry it straight out there. I picked a leaf to be its stretcher. I shunted it onto the leaf, which it promptly crawled around. I thought it might fall straight off again, but I twirled the leaf to keep it on the top side. Then I put the leaf, plus furry patient, onto the bluebell leaves. It moved surprisingly fast into the undergrowth.

I wonder whether it was aware of being saved? I only did my bit, I couldn't move any of its legs for it or know where to go. It was doing all the work of being a bee, apart from my moving it from the human drawing room it had got lost in. If I hadn't seen it and tried to pick it up, it would have just died there later on.

Life is so dependent on others' actions and on pure chance.

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