Friday, 11 January 2013

Snow!!! Well, waiting for it.

While I'm waiting, I found some lovely middle eastern snowmen from Al Jazeera.

I have just made some wintry tangerine marmalade for the first time. We have crumpets all ready for when it has cooled down.

All I need to do now is buy some anti-freeze windscreen wash and some food essentials I don't want to run out of over the next week. Ketchup and similar... Maybe even a trip to the wool shop so I can click my needles contentedly inbetween anxiously revising my Arabic before next Tuesday's class. I am procrastinating already, even though I know I will enjoy revising once I get started.

T has exams so that's the main event for a while around here. Plus the decorating in our piano room, which means most of the books need to be moved somewhere else and the piano wrapped in plastic.

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