Thursday, 20 December 2012

Make do and create

iPad Stand

T needed an iPad stand, so I suggested cutting out parts of a cardboard box used for transporting wine bottles. He has made a beautiful and effective stand. The second one was better than the first.

Because the screen is held about an inch above the table level there is space for a cable to be plugged in. He used some cross-bracing too. Cardboard is very light and has some give to it too.

Chocolate Advent Calendar

A few days ago T said he really wanted a chocolate advent calendar. For years I have been the puritan, just getting ones with openable pictures, no chocolate involved and only religious scenes. It was pretty much ignored last year, even by me, so I didn't get one this year.

So now I have done a 180 degree turn. I took the keys off the rack of key hooks in our kitchen. Then I knitted one little white and red Father Christmas stocking to hang up. I found 2 little foil wrapped chocolates to hide in there. One for T and one for H, both exactly the same.

Now I am knitting one sock a day to add to the calendar/rack and I have added the dates remaining until the 25th. Every night after the house is still I hang up the next stocking and fill it for the morning!

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