Monday, 5 November 2012

Starting to see Arabic everywhere, even when I am looking at a perfectly common English word!

I had to laugh at myself when I read a blog post with the title 'Mohammed Bin Naif Named Saudi Interior Minister' and momentarily assumed that the 'Named' was another part of his name, ie Nameed or similar. I could even make a go of writing that with the correct linked letters.

Half term is over and my next class is tomorrow afternoon. I need lots of practice at hearing the difference between the 2 'h' sounds we have been introduced to. I hope to get there with plenty of time to browse through Blackwell's and find a dictionary.

Even more helpful than a dictionary would be very simple children's books like the Bif and Chip ones, with short sentences and lots of detailed pictures to enjoy. I could read them out to the cat.

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