Friday, 9 November 2012

Homework, my head hurts, tired

I have to get this vocab into my poor head. It is now or never. In one ear, out the other.

I have stapled together some tiny books. In the first one I have drawn some little people with speech bubbles. Under each scenario I have quite a few lines so I can copy the speech bubbles again and again.

One is 'ana wa abi wa binti' = me and my father and my daughter, not that I have one in real life, but I do in my studies! Once we get on to numbers I may have 7 or 27!

Another plan is to do some matching slips of paper, with different coloured pens to help me. For each word there will be 3 slips: the Arabic, the transliteration and the English. I will mix them all up on the table and pair/trio them together again. Where are my coloured pens??

My other homework has been to look closely at Twitter photos and slowly, oh so slowly, sound out a few words. I am sure I spotted 'Tehran'.

How does T cope with so much new information all day long?

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