Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dizzy day

This must have been a side effect of the cold which is going around. It is odd to walk so slowly, not twisting my head, not lifting it up either. I move like a robot, my feet doing the turning.

It is such a pleasure to feel better enough to be able to take the empty milk bottle outside and empty the compost bin. Once I am up I am ok, but moving from sitting to vertical is not so good.

Good old daytime tv, it is soothing when all I can do is rest and listen to the voices. Nothing like channel hopping with my eyes shut! How did people manage in the old days with no remote?

This reminds me of when I had SPD and had to think instead of acting. I couldn't waste any footsteps across the kitchen or sitting room. It really was a sitting room! I had to spend most of my time there and was so attentive and kind to T, who was just 2 1/2.

Now it is time to go and rest again with several carefully picked tasks to do while I am there.


  1. Sorry you're not well but this blog post kind of reads like poetry, the way it has a slow, sombre rhythm to it. Love it!


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