Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My one handed day

I bashed a finger on my left hand today, so all my plans have been shelved.

I have recovered enough to knit without using my sore finger and am typing pretty nimbly too.

From the resting, watching TV and eating crisps for distraction stage, I am now at the surfing stage.

Someone I know, Sam Settle, is doing a yoga-thon in aid of the Prison Phoenix Trust, so look at that. I am sure I saw a photo of a guard and an inmate doing a pose together, but I have clicked on every page 3 times it feels like and I can't find it again. How annoying, I wanted that page to be the one I linked to.

From there I looked through the list of people their twitter account follows and found this great stitching-in-prison-organisation: Fine Cell Work I love the design of the name heading.

Throb, throb goes my finger...

1 comment:

  1. I love the picture with this post. It looks like you arranged the globe to match the colours in the garden, through the window!


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