Saturday, 13 October 2012

My Letters: b, n, t, th and y

I now know 5 letters of the Arabic alphabet! Every so often I think about them and visualise each one.

The newspaper and the Economist were good hunting grounds for letters. I cut out the logos for various banks and airlines carefully including the Roman lettered version of the name. I love finding 'b' and 'n' etc. Didn't they do that on Sesame Street?

I even bored/scared T very slightly by drawing the backwards Ls plus dots for each one in the air while driving along in the car.

For Christmas I'd love a special keyboard to type with. T says it is possible to plug in a second keyboard while keeping the main one in action.

Bin was our first actual word and bint was the second. I have to think very hard and do each bit in my mind for these, I can't bring each word to mind as a whole, even less with the dash for the 'i'....early days.

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