Thursday, 18 October 2012

I need a new pen

Have you ever tried to write arabic with a biro? It's a pain because biros don't do dots well, just dashes. So I need a special inky pen which does exactly what I want it to.

My next need is for a brain which retains info. I have learnt and relearnt 5 things several times already this evening: damma, shadda, fatha, kasra and skun. My little pieces of paper with the squiggles in the back and the words on the front are going up to bed with me. I *will* learn this.

I also have my 11 letters on more slips of paper, plus with the different squiggles. I *will* be able to read each one and instantly add the correct vowel to it.

As a treat I plan to pick several out at random and write them out as if they were a real word. A CVC exercise. Some letters link to the next one and some stand alone, but not too far from the next bit otherwise they would look like another word!

I also have to learn the vocab we already have but don't actually remember yet.

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  1. Let's be honest, I only remembered the shadda, damma, kasra and maada and sukun after I had been able to identify the root letters, then look them up in the dictionary. Each word has an actual meaning. Damma means to hug or embrace, so that is real enough and relates directly to the swirly hug of the symbol itself. I can't learn purely abstract facts nearly as effectively as facts with some lovely reality attached to them.


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