Thursday, 20 September 2012

Weird Feeling Tonight

I can't believe it has been a year now of tweeting #TroyDavis or #RIPTroyDavis alongside others who did this too.

When I went to sleep a year ago I knew there was a stay of execution and I assumed that this was permanent.  I assumed that Obama's post of President was worthy of being appealed to by signing petitions. I had no idea of the intransigence and stubborn nature of the system.

It was a school day the next day so I needed to sleep and then get up early to get my son off to school.

I can't remember finding out the news. It would have been online. I can remember the feeling that I had been slapped right in the face, personally. I also knew that many, many people had been violently ignored too.

After a while the phrase 'stiff-necked' came to me, it is from the Bible somewhere. All these old words and phrases have a meaning which only reveals itself when the circumstances fit exactly what it means. So the phrase comes alive and carries a whole situation in one little package.

I don't look forward to reading what other thoughts people have on this. I will read a lot anyway, but it is hard reading, even when there is good news about repealing the death penalty. It seems to go so slowly, State by State.

If you go back to Sept 2011 on this blog there are several posts to read.

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