Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Joy - My time line book has been useful - Mouse engineering

I have been adding notes to my Charlotte Mason inspired timeline book for 3 years or so. It goes from the Big Bang to the present day, but the far and distant times are the most interesting.

Today H asked me something about why cats don't stand up on 2 legs. I have seen our visiting cat d just  this in order to get a better view of another cat which was prowling around. That chat led on to me showing him my timeline, I was able to point to the moment when early chimpanzees and early humans diverged.

Luckily I had put a star beside the time when Fire was first used, and the start of the use of Spears, then the practice of Burial and Jewellery. So I said, look at those things too!!

After that, H brought me his mouse with all its replaceable parts, so we fiddled with this and I showed off my cave woman skills of finding out how to do the replacing. I also showed off my high tech woman skills by explaining that the dusty item was the bit which had most recently been in use. That was fun. We have a large piece of black fleece as our table cloth in the kitchen at the moment. It is a wonderful surface to use for this sort of taking apart work. Nothing rolls away and everything is visible. Neither of us could work out where the little weights were meant to go. We didn't care enough to google it.

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