Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wales Home Education Proposals

I am using this post as a base page for myself. I will add relevant links as I find them.

Legislative programme 2012/2013 added 8/8/12 (unread)

Serious Case Review added 8/8/12 (read quickly)

Welsh Assembly Government Memorandum added 9/8/2012 (read but still feel confused) (Not clear when this was written, post Badman report, but how much later? No mention of the wash up.)

Bridgend Home Education Conference added 12/8/12 (read) (Good to see that Jessica Kingsley Publishers want to attend the event.)

Ed Yourself - Wales / includes info on timing of the bill and how a new law is made in Wales added 26/8/12 (unread)

The 5 Outcomes - Every Child Matters added 28/8/12 (read) (An useful set of concepts which we used when dealing with the Badman report and subsequent proposals in 2009)

Rhuah_y_Ddraig  added 7/9/2012 (joined and read) The name of a Welsh Home Education Yahoo Group which is working on responses to the proposals.

E-Petition added 7/9/2012 (signed) By the way you can't sign it twice, so if you are not sure whether you have signed it or not and don't want to look down the entire list of signatories, just try to sign again. I have just found this out!!

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