Thursday, 9 August 2012

Listen to the voices :)

I have found an exhibition to celebrate the Olympics. It is put on by the Photographers' Gallery, one of my growing up haunts. It is of 204 photos, one for each of the competing countries. I like this sort of orderly, planned approach!

Et Voila! (French for "Hey, here it is!" but with panache).

Each photo can be clicked on to enlarge. To the right there is a sound clip. It is part of an interview with each subject. I have only listened to Oman so far, so maybe I am wrong there.

This builds on my interest at hearing the voices of the poets who came to London for the Poetry Parnassus. Some read their work and happened to be filmed at the same time. Some of these recordings made it onto YouTube where I found them and drank them in.

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