Sunday, 8 July 2012

On first looking into Google

I sometimes discuss the world pre-Google with my sons. I can't imagine going back there myself and I lived most of my life without that access to information. I don't want them to know what it is like to be unable to access information and for everyone else to be in this permanent predicament too.

I remember when I started using Google for the first time, around the year 2000. I sat there with the search box and tried all sorts of different words and phrases. They had all been in my head before, but then for the first time I typed them out and pressed enter to see what result would come up.

Each night after the children were asleep I would type in different things into the search bar. I did this for about 3 months, exploring the world, seeing how many things could be named and learning how to search using key words instead of the library classifications. There was no longer the barrier of having to know what higher heading to use.

It is almost impossible for me to think that there was no Twitter, Mumsnet, YouTube or even blogging!

Looking back now, it was a revelation to have such a responsive connection with a world of people beyond personal contacts or family members. There was no emotional pressure involved in the response, no threat, no expectation whatsoever, no need to smile or laugh or be touched or be in a place for a certain length of time or to travel in someone's else's car or eat what they chose.


  1. I can't believe there was a time when I couldn't just type in a few words of a quote/song lyric/definition/poem/part-name of famous person/mispelt word and within seconds get the answer I need. I don't need a dictionary or thesaurus or encylopedia anymore.

    But I probably filled my day in a much more practical way before Google and Blogger and email. Now I seem to spend so much of my day drawb to the screen.

  2. Yes, me too.

    I find it a bit odd frankly being around a table chatting, ie at the pub or at a formal lunch, and not having access to a laptop to solve any question that comes up. I find myself asking someone a question, then we both say, just google it when you get home. So conversations don't end with a fact, but with a query that can't be dealt with right away.

    On other matters..I was surfing around and came to an interesting writer's blog. It was a nice surprise to see that she follows your blog too. Small world.


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