Monday, 23 July 2012

Feeling Happy

Last week I was in London for the weekend. My brother and I spent some hours together near St Martin's Lane. We visited 7 places at least!

While we were chatting in a dark middle eastern themed restaurant in Neal's Yard I said that I was feeling happy at the moment. It seemed so strange to say that given the turmoil in the world and my current interests in political topics.

We mused that London amplifies one's mood, so when feeling down London can send you further down, but being on an up there is a great thing.

Earlier he had answered a salesman's question of 'How are you today?' with 'Terrible!!' with a big smile. We were in a shirt shop. That broke the ice, so while he chose some shirts we all discussed our favourite writers, children, life in general.

All in all the 48 hours I spent in London were a wonderful holiday. I haven't yet touched on going on the demonstration as there is so much to reflect on I may never get round to writing a blog post. That demo was the push for me to go in the first place.

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