Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nigel Rodley and the BICI report

An interview with Sir Nigel Rodley has just been published on the Bahrain Justice and Development website. He was one of the 5 commissioners of the BICI report, published in November 2011. I do not know who conducted the interview.

First part.

Second part.

Third part.

Interestingly Nigel Rodley used to be a UN Special Rapporteur on Torture from the 1990's until 2001, but was not able to visit Bahrain in that capacity during that time.

A YouTube clip of just one minute covers one exchange on the prospect of future prosecution of those responsible for extrajudicial killings/homicides.

His words are carefully chosen, partly very open, but also deliberately silent. He seems to be taking care to stick to his remit precisely. I guess this is in order to enable, or rather not hinder, future developments in Bahrain in a direction I would imagine he would prefer over a time scale the participants can handle independently and safely.

I recognise the hands off and separate view point of a person working to change things over many years, the slow pace of institutional and cultural change. It is in direct contrast to the present suffering of each individual person involved.

When I was involved in breastfeeding support and promotion I saw this for the first time. So many mothers being let down during the slow years needed to train people and change attitudes.  I could not take the psychological distance needed to continue with this. The home education debate is taking decades, so too the autism one. I can't even think for too long about the denigration of women, it has gone backwards in my recent life time.

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