Monday, 11 June 2012

Cornerview: Imagine (Bahrain version with lots of links!)

Imagine if I woke up tomorrow morning to hear that the Constitutional and other changes many people inside and outside the country want were being set in motion in Bahrain;

that an election day had been set for a new Prime Minister (think of all the candidates' debates on tv);

that those in prison for expressing opinions and assembling were on their way home (Twitter would crash with photos and videos);

that those medical professionals in prison were instead preparing to start work again and catch up on the latest research (can you imagine the amount generated over a year?);

and finally that the brave policeman, Ali Al Ghanmi, who resigned in response to the killing of protesters and is still in prison, was freed and celebrating by doing an impromtu cartwheel down the street like the young verger on the red carpet after the Royal Wedding last year.

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