Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Both my hearing aids have broken now! Drat!

This will be an interesting couple of weeks. One aid broke a while ago when I dropped it on the hard kitchen floor. I had just got round to making an appointment to hand it in to be repaired. I didn't think I needed to hurry. I assumed the other one would be fine.

Now the second one has died. All I did was take it out to wash my hair. I can hear the cat meow and the water run when I turn on the tap. I can just hear the keys as I tap this out. Any conversation and taking part in groups will be a joke. I turn up the tv high at the best of times and can't cope if the frying pan is on and/or the kettle is boiling. The loud microwave overrides everything else too.

H and I will have to be very patient and imaginative to get round this one. There goes a plane, that's nice to hear. S and T are both away from our household, in Guernsey and Wales respectively, so there are fewer conversations to go unswimmingly while they are away. The cat won't mind in the least. My mother in law is also away for a few days, so that's another set of difficult dialogues out of the way for a little while.

I will have to be extra careful when I am out in the car, drive with the windows open and simply take no risks at all.


  1. How about your plans on buying another pair or repairing them? You must’ve been to using it for a long time, so “not” using it can be a problem. Being careful isn’t easy, especially if you have difficulty in hearing. I suggest you take the necessary steps now. Consult with an audiologist as soon as you can.

  2. Rebecca's right. It's better if you can bring your broken hearing aid to a nearby repair shop so that you can use them right away. I don't know if you’ve gotten used to hear nothing without them, but you need to fix it or buy a new one, just to be extra careful.

  3. Thank you for your concern. I came back from my trip to London and found my mended other one had arrived by post. The first one had been sorted out by the hearing specialist. I was surprised by how easily he fixed it, so now I will be careful to swap the tiny filters often, as instructed.

    It is wonderful to hear better again.


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