Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The hottest day of summer = nursing a sore throat

This does feel very odd. I am sipping Lemsip, lurking on the sofa with my dressing gown round my neck, wondering whether some curry would kill the lurgy.

I love the way the air warms up and cools down during the day. The smell of the air changes. The birds seem to be chirping in a new way too. Maybe they are having a chilled out garden party from their branches.

It was delicious to walk out of Sainsbury's into the hot humid air. Mmm. I kept on taking my sunglasses off each time I went into a shop, then putting them back on after paying but before picking up my bags to go.

I made my way into my stable to sit there for a bit. The ivy is growing more lush in there, nettles are peeking in at the doorway and there is a sudden long tendril of bindweed too.

All the old wooden planks and old rubbish heaped up on the other side from *my* side looked as if they would target for gold spray paint. Imagine covering it all in gold! Or perhaps pure white gloss. My mother in law would be most cross because she has possessions from her previous homes there, but I can sit in my chair and imagine freely without hurting anyone's feelings.

The other event is that the lower portion of one of our big sash windows has been taken away to be repaired, so this room's window is boarded up. It is amazing how one minute a window is in its place and the next it has been taken out. I bet it has not been removed for 50 or 100 years.

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  1. Get well soon.... and follow those painting urges....wherever they lead!!! ;-) X


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