Friday, 11 May 2012

Forgive the gruesome blogs I follow

Since finding Al Jezeera last year and becoming gripped by the important events in the Arab Spring I have added relevant blogs to my sidebar. This is nothing to do with home education, but this blog is for me rather than for the home ed community.

There are some very graphic photos only a few clicks away. I am getting used to a level of detail I would not have expected before.

The same warning goes for the anti-death penalty blogs, not for photos, but for eye-witness accounts. The reality is so shocking and real-time.

A little of what I read about gets into my conversations during our home educating life, not much though. One comment goes a very long way, judging from my memories of one-off statements by my parents years ago. I am 31 and 33 years older than T and H, so my interior life is utterly different from theirs. I am experiencing the generation gap from this position as a parent.

However, I could not home educate without my own varied interests and passions. They are crucial, even though they have only sprung up as the children have come to give me time alone in which to pursue them. It has not been the other way round in our case. I could not have imagined the amount of brain space I have to attend to other matters. Perhaps home educating has been the creator of this space and time?

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