Friday, 11 May 2012

Checking in with myself

I have continued to use a simple tool during my day. In a booklet, which I keep beside my armchair, I make notes as I listen to what 3 parts of me are saying. If it isn't written down it isn't quite real somehow.

The 3 parts are: Emotional me, Wise me and the Body. In that order. Then I solve the problems felt in my body, ie an icepack for a sore knee, moving a foot or putting on lipsalve.

Often I find working out what is out of balance in my body harder than the other questions.

Emotional me generally reveals that I am 'glad that...' after I have accomplished something or 'aware that...', which generally refers to a problem. Black and white thinking! No subtle shades of emotions yet.

The Wise me offers a great listening ear and advice I love! The best one is 'be patient' and my next favourite is 'rest'.

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