Thursday, 29 March 2012

Democracy and TV

Page 60 'The hierarchy was lost almost immediately...The thirty-three of us were one and we began a democratic system; the best idea that made the most sense was the idea that ruled.' Alex Vega.

Page 92 With the advent of a democratic system, the miners established a rudimentary sense of order, organizing daily routines and tasks. 'I gave all the people something to do down there.' Mario Sepulveda

Page 92 'The men survived by following a strict regime of daily activities, including prayers and group meetings...' Jonathan Franklin.

Page 168 'What really screwed us up was the TV. When the TV arrived, it ruined the communications; it was a big problem. Some of the guys would just stare at it; they were hypnotised and watched it all day.' Mario Sepulveda.

The 33 - The Ulitmate Account of the Chilean Miners' Rescue
Jonathan Franklin

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