Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Monopoly - every game is different

We are back in a playing Monopoly phase. It is laid out on our kitchen table permanently.

This evening we had a rerun of the 'but you must show everyone else the Community Chest card for long enough for us all to read the details' argument. I am the one who gets aggrieved if I can't read it!

Then we had the 'the game WILL stop at 9.30' statement from S.

We had a clash over no one else wanting to hear me explain how my very interesting variation on Free Parking and Go To Jail affected the choices players made.......zzzzz

Finally we agreed to just pull the rest of the crackers and a wit created a last fake one out of two ends put together. H and I fell for that one.

So all's well, that ends well. If your family can survive Monopoly, then it gets a medal.

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