Sunday, 25 December 2011

Tinsel down my neck

I thought something was a bit was the last length of glittery streamer! I love wearing a paper hat and pulling explosive streamer things which make a loud bang.

We have been sitting around the miraculously tidy and beautiful kitchen table; watching the Queen's Speech at my mother in law's; sharing out presents; watching and appreciating the 9 lessons and carols; doing a countdown at 10 seconds to midnight last night then wishing each other Happy Christmas for the first time of the day.

There is a tradition in our family of phoning my parents A and I bang in the middle of the meal to pass on good wishes and any funny stories. So I did that at lunchtime and also in the evening to catch my aunt and uncle E and S. I caught my brother J on the motorway yesterday on his way to be with them.

Yesterday I was quietly looking at the presents under the tree and noticed that the cat from next door had curled up under it. She had not knocked over a single card. Everyone else rushed down to see her there. That was the end of her peaceful nap because we made such a noise and happy fuss about her.

Every so often during the day we come together to do a special event at a time we agree, then we go our separate ways for a break. The degree of wanting our own company is pretty much equal between all 5 of us.

One of my plans for tomorrow is to go into the church and sit by my Amnesty tree for a little while. I have little paper candle and barbed wire logos to hang from the branches. I cut them out from the mailings I get. They each have a loop attached made from black thread. There isn't yet a take away slip with details for how to find the local group, so ideally I will create those too.

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