Thursday, 27 October 2011

Read All About It - Occupy London

I have a link to the first day's paper produced by OccupyLSX, ie the camp outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Read and enjoy.

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  1. I have just listened to Rev Fraser's interview with the editor of the Guardian. I liked the way he was so clear about what his 'red line' was, ie the point at which he would make a stand by resigning.

    I'm also interested that the encampment has brought up all sorts of thoughts on his particular interest: the Church.

    Perhaps the camp is a mirror in which we see what we need to see.

    From a distance my thoughts are related to liking physical needs of the camp being discussed, validated and dealt with. I also like the idea of participants being able to comment verbally as little as they wish, there is no demand to be fantastically fluent and verbally adept.


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