Tuesday, 13 September 2011

For a few minutes I was a tree

Before we went to the dentist today I decided to imagine what it was like being the life force or soul or tree-ness of a tree. I shut my eyes as trees do not have eyes. I imagined how my branches would shift about and birds would come and go. I thought of the different temperatures in the air by day and night, the heat from the sun and the wind. I didn't think about icy winter though!

It occurred to me that the tree's body as it were, the trunk, bark, leaves would be growing and being shed without any conscious decision from the life of the tree. We do not tell out hair to grow, it just does, so with the leaves.

So the aliveness of the tree was doing nothing as such, apart from constantly being alive, never departing from the tree, always and forever in one spot. Sometimes being listened to by humans who talk to trees, otherwise just being there, ever patient.

I told H on the way to the dentist. He was quite taken by this or tactful. On reflection I had chosen to be deciduous, not an evergreen, a fully grown tree and definitely in England. Funny how such definite choices were made without any moment of conscious choice.

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