Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Tuesday was or will be Science

I have been engrossed in Brian Keenan, so have skirted around my little heap of science books. I'll take them up to bed with me!

I read a few days ago that the 3 year mark is when HE parents often hit a wall. Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Anyway whatever I hit, it provoked me to find some **structure**, because while H busies himself all day long, I need a plan to keep sane.

My plan has boiled down to a topic a day and I have laid out the books for each one in a heap on a table. 7 heaps for 7 days in the week. With any luck this will lead to more purposive conversation and more interesting topics in my home ed tracking diary.

So far today our discussions have not covered Alaska in any shape or form (or science!), but they did take in an Amnesty International booklet which was lying on the kitchen table. H had a browse through it while I laptopped and surreptitously ate bits of apple, we discussed the fact that it described the various campaigns they are working on and I suggested he look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the back. He read out the one about legal remedies and so we discussed that.

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