Thursday, 3 March 2011


Book day for T at his school, so I sent him off with a signed form agreeing to lots of book buying, plus some cash to top it up with. He is such a keen book person, he came back with Catch-22 amongst other things and made a tower of his unread books!

HE review day. I sent off my written review of the whole of 2010 for H. I'm worried that I have included details which maybe I should have not included. Here's my advice: sit down and read though your review, delete anything which bugs you in any sense at all. Then do this the next day too. Only then send it off by post.

This is one of the massive down sides to home ed, the underlying worry which never goes away. H is 13 and so I have 3 more years of this. After that the LA won't care about his education and won't be on our case. We will care of course, irony of ironies, and we will fund it willingly until he is about 21 or so in all likelihood. He will care about his education too and will pursue it as he does now, day in day out, term time and holiday time.

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